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Alissia Melka-Teichroew is a Dutch-French-American creative director and designer whose cultural background is as fluid and multifaceted as her practice.

Her acclaimed designs explore boundaries between craft, technology, aesthetics and functionality, often through a quirky and clever twist on an iconic form or surprising use of a material. 

Although she is best known for creating innovative furniture, home products and jewelry with strong narratives and surprising twists, she has over the past 5 years solely focussed on her work as a creative director, visual strategist, and concept designer.

As a creative consultant Melka-Teichroew draws upon her large industry network, deep knowledge of current design thinking and astute branding instincts for services like creative direction, trend and color research, lecturing, and teaching. 

Over the years she has always fluidly moved between genres and disciplines, telling brand and product stories by connecting the dots between trends, colors, innovation, materials and products. Through the use of style & aesthetics, research, trend analysis, intuition and common sense, her goal has been to inspire and direct her clients and collaborators as a visionary throughout the entire creative process—from concept to branding to photography.

[byAMT stands for by Alissia Melka-Teichroew]

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