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Curated by Okolo

The Tirelire for Kwambio will be part of the “Money: Form, Function, Investment, Savings, Value, Inspiration” Show curated by Okolo during Zlin Design Week from April 25 – May 1, 2016

Exhibited inside beautiful modernist industrial building in the historical industrial complex, built by Lydie Gahura for Tomáš Baťa’s shoe factory during the 1930s, the exhibition explores the role of money in design. Addition to their financial value, there are also social, historical and symbolical contexts around. Exhibition Money: Form, Function, Investment, Savings, Value, Inspiration, conceived by creative collective of OKOLO, investigates its relationship to the design and architecture and on the background of the above-mentioned phenomenas explores the role of money in design and vice versa in an original way. Individual exhibition sections constitute a comprehensive topics, which pervades the world of money and creative work from many different angles. Next to the forms of money and their graphic design, the exhibition explores the phenomenon of the value of money in the design environment, alternative payment methods and various forms of saving, spending, protection money, their evaluation and investment.

The exhibition is build around 8 thematic sections presenting through real exhibits, illustrations, photographs, texts and symbolic installations 8 phenomenas on theme of money and design. The central motive of the whole exhibition is a genuine selection of various money boxes, piggy banks, safes, valets and other objects for holding and saving the money. The other sections include future of money and payment systems, architecture of bank institutions conceived as an installation of miniature paper architecture models, selection of most expensive design pieces in the history, pieces of design inspired by world of money or symbolic installation visualizing value of design made of 90 pieces of IKEA Lack tables as value equivalent of one single table designed by Arik Levy for Czech company Ton


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