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3D Printed Jointed Jewels

The Jointed Jewel Collection representing a union of new and old, organic and industrial, functional and decorative. At the heart of the project is the intention to transform complex and separate elements into a new kind of whole.

It started as an exploration of ball joints, commonly found in cars and hip replacements.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew of byAMT had the idea of creating a ball joint many years ago, normally assembled with separate parts, and now made in one single piece. Through the use of 3D Printing, to be specific: the nylon powder based Selective Laser Sintering (SLA) she was able to literally make a ball inside a ball. Hence, the industrial connecter was transformed into an object of beauty and wonder.

Each piece has been made with the same technique: it seems like an intricately assembled object but is in fact one single piece that was made in one go. Although the jointed pieces share the same birthing process, each item has a different identity.


Photo credits
Lisa Klappe

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