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CITE Goes America

Welcome to the new American Home. Going from a national perspective to a cultural melting pot, CITE follows up last year’s successful show 400 Years Later, CITE Goes Dutch with an exhibition of new American design for the 2010 edition of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York (ICFF): 400 square feet later, CITE goes America.

Curators Alissia Melka-Teichroew and Jan Habraken have created a 400 square feet skeleton house that they filled with a selection of current work made by young, old, renowned and emerging American based designers and companies. The aim is to create a sense of the New American Home so visitors can experience strong and interesting contemporary design in the context of an occupied house. The exhibition features designers and companies from many different countries and backgrounds, all currently living and working in the United States of America. This reflects the dynamic melting pot culture that is uniquely and incomparably American.

Participating Designers: Alex Valich, Alissia Melka-Teichroew, Altitude, AREAWARE, Artecnica, Bec Brittain, Ben Blanc, BlankBlank, Brad Ascalon, Brendan Ravenhill, byAMT for Palau, Council, Crucial Detail, Daniel Goddemeyer, Daniel Michalik, DesignGlut, Emily Rothchild, Evan Clabots /NonLinear, fferrone Design, Garrett Brooks, Giffin’ Termeer, Henry Julier, Hyun Yoo, Incase, Jan Habraken, Josh Owen, Karim Rashid, Karl Zahn, Kiel Mead, Kikkerland, Le Mouton Noir & Co, Lindsey Adelman, Manuel Saez, Marc Thorpe, Markus Diebel, Martijn Deurloo, Materious, Matt Brown, Mike & Maaike, Nervous System, Nooka, One & Co, PACT, Patrick Gavin, Paul Loebach, Rosma Gutierrez, Sergio Mannino, Silva & Bradshaw, Smith & Linder, Stanley Ruiz, Timothy Liles

Sponsors: Altitude, AREAWARE, CITE, Fast Company, Incase, Kikkerland, Lauren Driscoll, NOOKA, PACT Underwear, Palau, Subports, Veev Vodka

Dates: Saturday, May 15 – Friday, June 11, 2010


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