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Grid Cup, Saucer & Spoon / OTHR

Tea Time Redefined with Beautiful 3D Printed Porcelain Set, The Grid Cup, Saucer & Spoon, by Alissia Melka-Teichroew, is an imaginative take on the traditional coffee and tea set.

The Grid Cup, Saucer & Spoon makes use of 3D printing technology to create a family of porcelain, gold plated, and polished silver objects that complement one another in a modern, light hearted symmetry.

It was “the idea of grid or mesh of a tea strainer being molded into a spoon” that first sparked Melka-Teichroew’s design. The result? A cup and saucer with complementary curves and a scoop whose sole purpose is to transport sugar, stir, and, in the designer’s words, “be licked when done.”

The latest addition to OTHR’s ever-growing roster of designers, Melka-Teichroew joins names like Philippe Malouin, Todd Bracher, Michael Sodeau, and Sebastian Bergne. OTHR was founded by Joe Doucet, Dean DiSimone, and Evan Clabots. OTHR’s mission is to disrupt the industry of manufacturing through sustainable products created on-demand; they operate on a zero-inventory model, meaning that none of their serialized objects exist until ordered. Their fast-paced schedule allows for a new product line to launch twice monthly. Starting today, July 14th, 2016, Melka-Teichroew’s Grid Cup, Saucer & Spoon is available on-demand on the OTHR website, as a set or individually, for consumers in the U.S. and Canada. OTHR will expand to ship outside of North America late this summer.

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Kendall Mills

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