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Handful of Plates

These whimsical folded plates stemmed from a problem familiar to anyone who has tried to hold a conversation at party while nibbling on snacks: food rolling off the flimsy, flat paper plate so common to casual gatherings.

Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew decided it was high time to keep the conversation flowing (and prevent the food from falling). She began exploring the concept of pre-folded plates made of a sturdier material. She carved her first prototype out of alabaster, and then experimented with ceramics, slumping flat dishes over molds. The end result: plates that rested securely in the palm of the hand.

Melka-Teichroew was commissioned to do the first production run of the Handful of Plates at the Design Academy Eindhoven press lunch event at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2000. The plates had different folds–some deeply curved, others flatter. The different folds accommodated eating, serving, and presenting the food. Food looked beautiful nestled in the natural-colored plates, and users were delighted at how well the dishware contained hors d’oeuvres and utensils.

For a while they were produced in the same manner as Melka-Teichroew’s early prototypes: made flat, then slumped over molds. Each set of three includes different curve extremes: the “taco shell” fold is perfect for eating, while flatter plates are better for serving.

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Lisa Klappe

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