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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Meet the Me-ror.

The Me-ror harkens back to a more genteel time when women sat at vanities and relied on handmirrors to perfect their hair and makeup. But this hand mirror has a delightful twist. The Me-ror is constructed entirely of glass with silvered-glass shapes on its face. The result is ethereal: freed from a frame, the Me-ror seems to float above a tabletop.

In the “classic” Me-ror, the slivered surface is a simple, oval shape. Another version reveals byAMT Studio’s characteristic wit. One features a cameo of a classically beautiful woman. It takes a few seconds to position these mirrors in a way that the viewer can see her own face, or perhaps just a portion of the face.

Material: Glass with Mirror coating

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Charles & Marie KG

Photo credits
Lisa Klappe

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