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Skirt Table / Peasant Collection

The Skirt Table, was created as a part of the Peasant Collection. This playful and innovative furniture series consists of friendly and familiar shapes that are balanced with slightly surreal and off-kilter features. The material serves as a main source of inspiration for this collection. It’s an examination of the properties of wood, how it moves and adjusts itself, seemingly on its own.

The Skirt Side Table features a variation on the original idea of wooden slats by turning a set of dowels into a fixed “table cloth” that looks like a hoop skirt in motion.

Out of these objects grew a whole family of furniture called the Peasant Collection: Milk Stools, Milk Bench, The Skirt Side Table, Slats Rocker & Chair, American Beauty Desk Light and the American Beauty Pendant Light.

Material: Maple, Water-based Polyurethane

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Photo credits
Lisa Klappe

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