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Strap Collection

The elegant simplicity of the Strap Baskets recalls Shaker craftsmanship, but the leather strapping and copper-plated hardware gives it a defiant edge, a certain cowboy-like machismo. Each basket is hand-finished, with colorful cross-stitched rubber wires. This tough-yet-beautiful container is the perfect place to stash keys, mail, store jewelry, or display fruit or bread. In collaboration with Dwell we made a lower version of the Magazine Strap Basket. With Kaufmann Mercantile we made a dark leather Magazine Strap Basket.

Woven like a basket and tough like a backpack, byAMT’s leather strap tote makes hauling groceries and gear extra stylish. The construction is simultaneously durable and simple: belt straps held in place with copper-plated rivets. Both the regular Strap Tote and the XL Tote come with a canvas and nylon liners. The liners can be removed and washed or exchanged for another.

Inspired by traveling the great outdoors, the new leather strap planters will brighten up city apartments with year round green. The set of three planters beautifully house indoor foliage, and have been designed to fit standard terra-cotta pots.

Festive in color with a bright green painted handle over its natural leather, the Cool Hunting Edition Strap Planter spruces up any space. “We make it a point to surround ourselves with items that are both purposeful and design intensive,” says Evan Orensten, co-founder and executive editor of Cool Hunting.  “We love byAMT’s leather planters and wanted to make a Cool Hunting Edition that spoke to our affinity for plants,” he continues. “The simple addition of green to the handles really brings the planter to life.”

The Strap Collection was manufactured in Los Angeles in collaboration with Mimot Studio.

Vegetable-tanned leather, copper-plated brass rivets, lead-free woven stainless steel wires with white nylon coating

Magazine Basket: 17″ x 11″ x 11″ / 43,2 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm
Small Basket: 14.5″ x 8″ x 10″ / 37 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm
Regular Tote: 20” (incl. handle) x 14” x 4”
XL Tote: 27” (incl. handle) x 23” x 4” ((15” excl. handle)
Planter small: 12.5” x 10.75” Ø  / 31 cm x 27 cm Ø (Fits a 10″ Pot)
Planter medium: 14.5” X 13” Ø  / 36,5 cm x 33 cm Ø (Fits a 12″ Pot)
Planter large: 16.5” X 15″ Ø  / 41,5 cm x 38 cm Ø (Fits a 14″ Pot)

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