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Überliss Social Media + Website Content + Creation

Überliss is a young hair care brand. Like all brands they are navigating their way in the world of social media. A lot of their business is driven from the professionals and salons rather than the end consumer. Since they are relatively new as a consumer brand. However they want to have a presence on social media, similar to their presence on the shelf with their new popping packaging. BYAMT was asked to create content for their social media channels and website. 

Since they are still trying to find their way and basing a lot of their postings on numbers rather than who they believe they are visually. It has been a journey for all of us, trying to figure out what images work for them and are not too conceptual. We wanted to push the boundaries since that is the only way Überliss will offset themselves from the “other” brands.

By creating imagery that is not always literal yet compelling and original they will be able to remain a different force than the other haircare brands. 


Photo credits
Alissia Melka-Teichroew

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